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I have long supported child abuse prevention and awareness..

Far too many children suffer at the hands of abusers, in many forms. Often they are left feeling as if they have no one to help them, or no place to turn. Take a stand, and speak your voice to be heard, encourage children to help their friends and end abuse. One voice can save a life, and one hand can lead them to saftey. Please keep your eyes open for signs of abuse, and if you are unsure, or suspect something please investigate or send the investigators for you but please lets find them all...

Thursday, January 10, 2019


Daddy why don’t you love me?
Why don’t you see that you hurt us?
Do you even care daddy?
Why do you call me names and tell me that I will never be good at anything daddy?
Why do you pull mommy's hair, why do you  push her down, and give us a scare?
Don't you love us daddy?
Why can't you see and understand the power you have when you swing your hand?
Why daddy, no matter what you do I will still love you and wish it was true that I'd feel it too, daddy.
Daddy why do you drink? It makes you mean, it makes you stink, it hurts your family and it makes me think, that you don’t care, do you daddy? Do you care? How can you hit someone you love? You yell and scream, push and fight, shove, and hit, destroy and bite. Are you an animal? Daddy what happened? Long ago, I remember when, you were in love, and mom was a friend. Daddy you got lost along the way, the years and the pain, the work and the strain, have seemed to change and warp your brain.
No, your not my daddy, what did you do, how did you change, where did he go? Its sure not the same, is he even in there, or is it too late, will you ever be the same dad, or did you choose your fate?  I miss you daddy, the one who held his little girl back when she was your whole world. Back when you would sing her songs and make her feel like she belongs.
Daddy. Come back to me. It cant be to late, please say you will change, yes you can change your fate, daddy.
I love you daddy and you cant beat that out of me, the tears won't wash away the memories, the pain, the feelings, the emotions, the love of a little girl will never die, but oh how you have damaged it, don’t you see? Do you care how I see you anymore?
It starts with a hug, so put down that drug, no more hurting, no more blood. Damn it daddy I am an adult now and you have taught me to hate. You taught me to hurt and to resent and be late. You taught me don’t show, promises flow, like a river in life with no where to go. A little girl lost and love you forgot, mommy's a mess with new tears in her dress. Daddy wont you protect her, like you used to? You used to be jealous you used to be loud, if someone would hurt her you were around. Nobody messed with your family back then, but now your too drunk and the laugh of the town.
You loved me before daddy, please love me once more daddy.
Johnny's so little and he needs you too, and he doesn’t know you the way that I do. He wasn't there the days that you cared and he never saw the love that was there.
So now I have fears, from anger and tears the hopeless abandon of love lost in years.
All he will see is pain in his dreams, the fights and the shoving the hurt and the screams.
He will be taught when you fight and get mad, you lift up your fist and hurt them real bad.
Yes he watches you dad and mimics you to dad. You are his light and the teacher  and hope dad.
Please show him you love him and show him you care, you don’t even see him, is he even there?
You cant turn back time and erase damaged minds, the pain you create is both lasting and shines.
I hope this gets through you, I hope you will see, the tears in my eyes and the pain in my screams.
Enough is enough dad your killing us all, you push us away, when you choose alcohol.

Friday, November 9, 2018

The Little Boy

A little boy got lost one day, just walking home from school,
it wasn’t far, he knew the way so how could this be true.
His mother tried to call his name they searched so far and wide,
they looked in all his favorite places he would often hide.

Not this time, 'cause on this day it wouldn’t be his choice.
Still they called out, screamed and cried and longed to hear his voice.
At 9 years old he'd seen it all inside his little mind,
he chased the squirrels and searched for frogs, or caught what he could find.

That’s just what happened on this day besides that narrow creek,
when looking for some crawdads, that boy met up with a creep.
The stranger came behind him and before he even seen,
he snatched him up, he held his mouth, he couldn't even scream.

The knife was plunged so deep inside, he could not even cry,
like trash he threw him in that creek, and left him there to die.
This senseless act of violence gets repeated every day,
from many different strangers, in so many different ways.

What leads a person down this road, where feelings disappear,
where madness takes control and they abandon every tear.
What makes a soul so heartless and loose all its vanity,
The very definition of a deep insanity.

The family left behind is hurt, a void that never fills,
so many repercussions when a stranger comes and kills.
All the lives he ruins, and so much has been destroyed,
from the tragedy that came and took, that poor lost little boy.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Violence in Silence

When a child gets abused,
it leaves them hurt, lost and confused.

It may be a bruise, or a scar, or much worse,
that appears as a nightmare and looms like a curse.

Sending them off in their head to a land,
where their mind tells their heart, that they must understand.

Sometimes they move on, and suppress all those fears,
they deal with the pain, and they wipe away tears.

But It will never leave them, it can not be done,
it connects to their mind, like the stars to the sun.

Their lives are so different than they were before,
when that pain and abuse, found a way to their door.

Their trust now is forsaken in those they will meet,
sometimes long after they get back on their feet.

The worst thing to do is say nothing at all,
when you think there's abuse, and still, don't make the call.

So many have died behind doors that were closed,
they may have survived if somehow we'd have known.

Teach them its ok, to face all their fears,
and if someone has hurt them, we must interfere.

If parents won't help us, we must find a way,
to open those doors, and take evil away.

Somewhere there are children that need our help now,
they try and break free, still, they do not know how.

The cries go unanswered, they feel all alone,
ashamed and abandoned in a cell they call home.

When strangers take action the lives may be saved,
of children in danger, neglected, enslaved.

There's violence in silence, with the words left unspoken,
that leaves them still victims, now shattered and broken.